The Do Labs

Our Offering

The Do Labs is a turnkey solution development and consulting company with focus on software development. We provide highly customized Internet of Things solutions to industrial manufacturing companies to help them increase competitive advantage with an IoT product. For IoT solution providers, we serve as a technology partner, leveraging our deep knowledge in computer networking and embedded systems to help them accelerate their product roadmap.

IoT Architecture

We work with the latest cloud technologies to connect all of your sensors and devices and ensure security and integrity of data by building connected systems that gather, store and analyze data originating from intelligent devices across your networks.

DaPP Development

We provide the infrastructure to easily integrate blockchain into your business application, and are striving to make it accessible to any business by creating decentralized experiences for all industries.

Product Design

We design products to resonate with consumer aspirations and bring brands to life. By understanding ecosystems and cutting-edge technologies, we develop environments, hardware, and services that deliver winning product experiences

About Us

We can help bring your idea into reality. Our collaborators and experts will expedite your idea and bring it to market quicker than you’d think possible. Why spend endless amounts of capital on startup costs only to find a major road block? Let us do the research for you so you can focus on what matters the most!

The Do Labs is the IoT, Product Dev, Software Dev, Digital, Blockchain Company

that you want on your team!

We aim to solve problems by building technologies that work well with ease of use, utilizing Cutting Edge techniques in design, user experience, and engineering.

  • Dedicated team that will take your business to the next level
  • Customizable Service packages to work on your schedule
  • Rigorously tested current technologies to keep you current
  • Driving Value through Connected Brands and Product Experiences

We know that innovative ideas are precious, so we adopt a fresh approach to every project, and create something you see working with your very own eyes. We tailor our approach to your needs. Our team guides innovations down a solid path that builds momentum, satisfies your stakeholders, and exceeds end-user expectations.

Other Services

We implement, deploy and stabilize end-to-end integrations across mutliple automated processes and provide full technical documentation to further product improvements, support and maintenance, and team training.

Blockchain Consulting

  • Business Strategy
  • Decentralized Apps
  • Business Ledger Implementations

Digital Marketing

  • Responsive Web Page
  • SEO & Creative Content
  • Graphic Design

Industrial Design

  • Photorealistic Renderings
  • Architectural Blueprints
  • CAD Design and Layouts

App Development

  • Intuitive Mobile & Web Apps
  • Angular JS, React / React Native
  • iOS & Android Native

Rapid Prototyping

  • CNC Machining
  • 3D Prints / CNC Machining
  • PCB Design

Data Analytics

  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Cloud Architecture


Our Projects


Web Design Services


SEO & Plugins


AI Service Automation

IBM Watson

Machine Learning

Elite Spinners

Digital Marketing Product

Social Media Marketing

Sourced Materials


Compact AeroPonic Grow Chamber

Embedded Firmware

Mechanical Design

30 Burns

CNC Laser Art

Vector Design

CNC Programming


Smart Parking Web App

Mongo DB


Bits IoT

IoT Hardware For Anyone

Embedded Firmware

PCB Design


Custom 3D Printers

Open Source Software

Sourced Materials


Supplier UI for Salesforce

iOS Development

Salesforce Integration

Lotus IoT API

Integration API for IoT Devices

Big Data Analytics

Android Studio

Why Choose Us?

Our clients come to us with ideas for products that will change markets, or create entirely new ones. By collaborating with clients, we’re able to understand their unique objective and match our engineering talent, technology resources, and essential project management to meet their needs.

Connecting Devices

Combined 20 years of experience, We know every hurdle in executing a marketable product. Every project begins as a hobby project long term relationship for your industry needs

Digital Twin

Experimenting with both physical and digital technologies, our Engineering Team is committed to developing solutions that push the boundaries of both design and user experience.

Product Innovation

Our approach is brand-driven and human-centered. From developing end-to-end product experiences to examining single tactical product aspects, we fuse technology and culture design in the service of brand value and consumer identity for our clients.

Robust Services

We assist any customers at any phase of business or software development — from startups at the ideation stage to mid-sized businesses and large enterprises with a focus on optimization and expansion no matter the industry they operate in.